How to disable GOOGLE AUTHENTICATOR in plesk panel

Follow to below steps to disable Google Authenticator, 1. Login to Plesk panel >> File Manager>> wp-content >> Plugins >>…

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How to Install moodle Manually on any Domain in Plesk Panel

You can install Moodle manually on any of your domain using the below steps. 1. First, you need to download…

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Change Default Server Language in CentOS using i18n File

Use following steps to change default server language in CentOS Before to change language we need to check which default…

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How to find malware script in plesk vps.

Why malicious scripts Generated, Malicious scripts generated if there is a full permission on particular directory or if user have…

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Tips to Reduce Load on Server in Linux.

First we have to check load on server How to check load on server using top command. Using top command…

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How to Secure your Linux Plesk Panel

Plesk is the more secure than Linux cpanel. It is more simplified than cpanel to use Plesk. Despite of many…

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Host ‘’ is not allowed to connect to this MariaDB server

The message ” Host ‘’ is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server is a reply from the MySQL…

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How to use find command to search for files on a Linux.

Find command is used to find files that match the criteria of the command -line arguments. Syntax: find/-option file_name Ex….

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VPS server for developer

VPS hosting is famous among all the entrepreneurs irrespective of the size of their businesses. This empowers you to have…

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Command to find the mail that we have sent is completed or not (Unix/Linux server)

There are many commands which can be used to check exims different options, but today I would like to share…

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