Enable mbstring in easyapache3

Need for mbstring to be enabled on php server.

Mbstring help us to provides multibyte specific string functions that will help us to deal with multibyte encoding in PHP. Also, in addition to that, mbstring handle character encoding conversion between possible encoding pairs, mbstring is designed to handle Unicode-based encoding such as UTF-8 and USC-2 and many single-byte encoding convenience.

You just need to follow below mentioned steps, but before we proceed we need to check if it is enabled or not in your php. You will need this command: php -m | grep mbstring

If you do not get above mentioned result of the command it means that mbstring is not enabled on your server, so lets go ahead and install it. It is assumed that you are logged in to the server using root user with SSH.

First we will enter screen mode, so that your easyapache process will not be interrupted

Command: Screen -S easyapache

Once you are in screen you need to go ahead and fire below mentioned command to start compiling your apache.

Command: /scripts/easyapache

You will get below mentioned screen once, you will need to go ahead with customize profile.

Once you are at this page, choose “Exhaustive Option List”

Then you will have to search for mbstring option using your down arrow key till you see below mentioned screen.

Select mbstring option by entering spacebar on your keyboard, and proceed by hitting next button using spacebar again.

Once you hit next step, your apache will recompile and your mbstring will be on once apache restart successfully.

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Enable mbstring in easyapache3
Enable mbstring in easyapache3
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