How to Setup Nameservers in KVM VPS (WHM)

How to set up Name Servers

Computers send queries to interpret a domain name or subdomain in your server to an IP address. The application (or daemon) that manages these queries is really a nameserver.

With no nameserver, your host cannot translate domain names to IP addresses, along with also the sites in your own server become inaccessible on the world wide web.

You might also observe the expression Domain Name Server with regard to nameservers.

We recommend that you use the following instructions when you set up nameservers:

  1. The name must include a prefix, a dot (. ), along with your domain name.
  2. The frequent tradition for nameservers is to prefix your domain with ns1 (as an instance, along with
  3. Your Own nameservers can’t share a title.
  4. Your clients might need to enter the nameservers manually in a certain point.
  5. Therefore, we ardently recommend that you use a domain that reflects your company’s primary homepage URL.
  6. Pick the desired options on your host’s A entries along with IP addresses.
  7. We all ardently recommend that you pick both the Insert”A Entries” for all Nameservers and Insert”A Entries” to get Hostname checkboxes.
  8. Should you not enter IP addresses in the Please input an IP address to every one of your nameservers text boxes, the system automatically sets available IP addresses in the server to each nameserver.

You’ve already registered your domain name with the domain registrar. Each instruction assumes that the following statements are true:

  1. You have an account with the domain registrar.
  2. After you configure your host’s nameservers, you must register your nameservers with your domain registrar.
  3. When you enroll nameservers, you announce their presence to the rest of the world wide web.
  4. You don’t carry out this activity in cPanel & WHM, however, you must do it or your nameservers will not function. You have logged into your accounts and are on the very first screen that you see after you log into.