Website Building Mistakes

Are you thinking of starting business or wishing to get your current business online? Then you should consider avoiding following mistakes before getting your website online.

A website is an absolute necessity for customers to find you and for you to show your profile. And if you have art or content you want to share with the world, a website is the easiest path to getting your stuff in front of your prospective clients.

The most common issue is building website without clear goals

Before you really get into building out your site, take time to work out what those reasons are.

Each and every website has a purpose to serve. If you’re designing a small business website, building an eCommerce store, or starting a blog or podcast for fun – there’s a reason you’re putting time and money into creating something other people will see.

  • Write down what goals you want your website to accomplish. Do you want the website to drum up business for your online store?
  • Do you want to build a community of followers who love teapots as much as you?
  • Do you want to gain enough traffic blogging about something you love to start making money from ads or affiliate marketing links?

In addition to defining the main goal(s) of your website, you’ll also want to clarify the primary goal of each page you add to the website. Most websites shouldn’t have the same goal for every page. For example, an eCommerce business website will have some pages where the main goal is getting customers to make a purchase, but may have others focused on building trust in the brand or getting new email subscribers.

Having clear goals in mind as you design your website will ensure you build each page to better meet those goals.