Xen VPS Servers

Xen is a hypervisor technique.

One of the best hypervising technique that enables the simultaneous creation, execution and management of multiple virtual machines on one physical computer or server.Xen is primarily a bare-metal server which executes host operating system. Because it's a type-1 hypervisor, Xen controls, monitors and manages the hardware, peripheral and I/O resources directly. Myvpshost uses this technique to create virtual private server to satisfy clients requirement. This method of virtualisation requires the assistance of special CPU technology called VT. Also, the operating systems that are going to run on Xen needs to be Virtualization aware. The host operating system from which Xen runs has privilege access to the hardware and with all the guest VMs having unprivileged access. We also provide virtual server in KVM and OpenVZ technology.


Our Xen VPS Plan

Xen US - 1
$3.99/ Per month
10 GB Space 512 MB RAM Unlimited Bandwidth 24 X 7 Support BUY NOW
Xen L-2
$9.99/ Per month
20 GB Space 1026 MB RAM Unlimited Bandwidth 24 X 7 Support BUY NOW
Xen US L-3
$19.99/ Per month
50 GB Space 1726 MB RAM Unlimited Bandwidth 24 X 7 Support BUY NOW
Xen US - U
$26.99/ Per month
80 GB Space 1726 MB RAM Unlimited Bandwidth 24 X 7 Support BUY NOW

What We Have?



You will be in charge of your complete server. When you ever need complete control of your server you will get full root access to your server. We provide perfect server as per requirement of clients. Our plans are so designed that it can server any kind of service required by clients.



The move between each package or the upgrading of the package is swift and is managed by our world class migrations team. Our services are of economic price for the people who are looking to have their VPS and managed them with ease.



All our VPS are setup in minutes once your order is accepted. We understand the importance of time and hence we would not like our client to wait for server setup to get the business running. We provide linux VPS servers with full management of server.



If you have any questions or you need assistance, just contact us! we are here to help you 24x7. We are always here to help with any issue at any point of time.


Xen is a full virtualization solution which is widely used by small hosting business and web designers. It not only gives you the pleasure of having a dedicated server but gives you complete rights to install any web application and run your development functionality.

Yes, we do provide dasbhoard for the server management, using that you can reload OS, reboot your VPS, monitor your server load, etc.

Once you are signup an account with us and the process of payment is completed it only take 60 minutes to build your server and send login details to your registered email address.