7 Do’s and Don’t to consider before buying from a web hosting company

7 Do’s and Don’t to consider before buying from a web hosting company

There are lots of web hosting service providers all over the world from big established with hundreds of thousands clients to a new web hosting companies just starting out with very few clients in their tenths. As such choosing a reliable web hosting platform is a daunting task for so many website owners who are mostly looking for cheap hosting plans from foreign and domestic companies with 99% uptime and great customer’s experience. The problem here is that majority of them always make the wrong decision as most of them don’t really consider many factors into play before going ahead with their decision.

These article is going to teach you how to choose the best hosting plans that best suits your hosting need and how to spot a serious and customer driven hosting company.


  1.  Know how much value you are getting from a hosting plan.

When choosing a web host company. Pricing matters a lot. It should be one of your key deciding factors and as such you should know how much value you are getting from a hosting plan. That is why it is always important to compare and contrast the price of host plan across 2 or 3 hosting company and if you are mainly concern about settling for the cheapest plan then you may want to look at other factors.

  1.  Focus on Tech Support.

It is import to know that there are hosting platforms with great hosting or cheap hosting packages but have very poor technical support to their clients.

What is you woke up one morning and discover your site is not loading and you contact your hosting provider to look into it and rectify the fault from their server and you couldn’t get a prompt response or they didn’t even care to reply your emails or pick your calls and your continue being on a downtime for hours. How will you feel?. It’s a really terrible experience because only that single incidence can make you lose traffic and it is very bad for your website reputation.  So before choosing a hosting company, you may really want to know how much technical support you are likely to get.

  1. What more features do they have.

When choosing a web hosting platform you may want to go further and consider their add-ons. What unique feature does this hosting company provide that most others do not? You may want to consider things such as multiple data centres, energy-saving practices, backup plans and a host of them. Surely as you consider these factors be sure to pay extra.

  1.  Consider User interface.

You don’t have to be tech savvy in order to be able to carry out some technical setups on your host. Things like email setup, installing WordPress and setting up FTP account, for instance, are things you should be able to do on your own without putting a call over to your hosting provider for support.

So your hosting provider should have a simple to navigate Control panel in order for clients to make simple updates on their own.

  1. Room for growth.

This is a very important factor to consider when choosing a web hosting company. Does the hosting company have higher plans that you can easily switch to?. A good hosting company should have higher plans that would be easier for their clients to easily upgrade to. There should be no hassles in doing so. You should really put this factor into consideration before you click the “buy” button.

  1. Email Features:

Does the hosting provider provide protection against spam? Do they provide protection against viruses to your website and email?. This is very important as it will save you from headaches of always contacting customer support to get the last things done. You may seriously want to consider this factor before choosing a hosting company.

  1. Company Reputation and Reviews.

Before making decisions it is very important to always look into the reputation and reviews of web hosting providers you are considering hosting your site with. You can go to popular local forums and see what buyers are saying about them. You can visit their Twitter page and see how much reliable their services are. You can visit popular review websites and find out if they have reviews and what buyers are saying.

A company reputation depends on how much they have been reliable and supportive of their clients so it is important to do a simple background check before making your decision.

In all choosing, a web hosting company should not be a big task. Sometimes it just depends on what specific features you really need for your website. But if you follow the Do’s and Don’t on the list you are sure of making an all-round improved decision.