Dedicated Servers vs. Cloud Servers

Everyone is confused about how cloud server runs? Yes, it questions when you search for hosting your high traffic site on a web server. There is the number of options that hosting providers suggest you such as cloud hosting, dedicated cloud server, cloud VPS server, dedicated server, etc.

Let us discuss two options here, namely cloud hosting server and dedicated server

Cloud Servers:

Cloud servers are configured to provide high performance, security, and control similar to those of a dedicated server. The idea behind this is of being hosted on physical hardware that’s solely used by you, they reside in a shared “virtualized” environment that’s managed by your cloud hosting provider.

On a cloud hosting server, it very easy to scale and shares hardware with other customers. And, you only pay for the exact amount of server space used. This also facilitates the client to scale resources up or down, depending on demand and requirement of your website so that you’re not paying for idle infrastructure costs when there are fewer visitors or less consumption of resources when demand is low.

With cloud servers, you can optimize IT performance without the huge costs associated with purchasing and managing fully dedicated infrastructure. Businesses with variable demands and workloads often find that cloud servers are an ideal fit.

Dedicated Servers

This is a physical server that is purchased or rented fully for your own business needs. Dedicated servers are typically used by large business organizations that require exceptionally high levels of data security, or organizations that have steady, high demands for server capacity.

With the dedicated servers, businesses still need the IT capacity and expertise to manage ongoing maintenance, patches and upgrades. Businesses using I/O-heavy applications, such as databases and big data platforms, find significant value in bare metal dedicated hardware.