How to open email in cpanel

In Cpanel there many times it is difficult to find email address options so I thought of making this post.

First, let us see what is webmail. The definition goes like this, it is an application that enables you to check your e-mail accounts by using your web browser. You can also compose and read e-mail messages, maintain an address book, and perform other common tasks.

In Cpanel there are two webmail applications that you can use:


How you can access webmail from Cpanel:
To access an e-mail account using webmail from within cPanel, follow these steps:

First you will have to log in to cPanel.

Then you will have to search for the EMAIL section of the cPanel home screen, click Email Accounts.

If this is the first time you are accessing webmail for the account, select the webmail application that you want to use.

The webmail interface appears.

Under Email Accounts, locate the e-mail account that you want to access and click the CHECK EMAIL button

Hope this helps!!!