How to buy cheap linux vps server

In today’s SEO world, website loading time is the must for any website. So if your website is loading slow on shared hosting plan then it’s time to move your website to some cheap VPS plans. For any website owner whose website requires more from their website cannot ignore the website site speed.

There are mainly three types of virtualization techniques used to divide your dedicated server into small virtual private servers.


KVM is a widely used virtualization technique where the VPS operates as its own server, independently of the main node or you can say host node. KVM VPSs are not dedicated environments.


OpenVZ is the style of virtualization where the container depends on the main kernel. OpenVZ is based on the host node kernel, but it has less overhead in the containers themselves.


Xen VPS options can run on two different types of guests. Xen Full Virtualization (HVM). Xen can also be used for both Linux and Windows, with Xen PV supporting Linux and Xen HVM supporting Windows.

While picking a VPS you must consider, unwavering quality is one of the best highlights to consider. High quality is estimated as far as uptime, or the level of time that a server is operational. Preferably, your site ought to once in a while be inaccessible to clients because of server downtime. Another quality natural in a decent VPS have is tight security to guarantee that the server isn’t helpless to online crooks and touchy information doesn’t get spilled.