Cpanel AutoSSL Expired

We came across this issue and after doing number or research on this we found this fix for the issue of AutoSSL. First, carry out following steps for domain validation process and hopefully help add understanding of issues when they occur.

Please note that all testing here was done using the cPanel provider for AutoSSL

You must carry out following steps:

1. Run AutoSSL – You can check to see if you have AutoSSL enabled by going to WHM>>SSL/TLS>>Manage AutoSSL → Providers. This will happen automatically on systems with AutoSSL enabled. You can also check AutoSSL by firing this command line with the following:

/usr/local/cpanel/bin/autossl_check ( –user=<username> | –all | –help )

Step 2. You need to use the logs UI to determine which domains were checked/which passed/etc. You can also see the AutoSSL logs at WHM>>SSL/TLS>>Manage AutoSSL → Logs

Step 3. First you will have to determine which error you’re receiving and check the common causes also listed if a domain is failing validation. Error can be listed in the logs with the errors being some variation of the ones listed below.

Step 4. Once you’ve identified which error it is and you’ve used the error list with common causes to fix the issue re-run the AutoSSL check.

Step 5. Once you’ve run the AutoSSL check and can confirm that the domain passed, you can see the pending orders in WHM>>SSL/TLS>>Manage AutoSSL → Pending Queue . Once the SSL is installed the domain will be removed from the pending que.