Cpanel to Plesk migration

1. Log in to Plesk on the destination server as the Plesk administrator.

2. Go to Server Management > Extensions > Plesk Migrator > Start a New Migration.

3. Select the hosting panel installed on the source server from the Panel type menu.
Specify the following:
a. The source server’s IP address.
b. (Plesk for Windows) The login and password of the built-in administrator accounts on both the source and the destination servers.
The directory for storing temporary files on the source server (make sure there is enough free disk space available to store the dump of the largest database that will be migrated).

4. Click Prepare Migration to proceed to the next step. Plesk Migrator will attempt to fetch the data about the different objects (domains, subscriptions, customer/reseller accounts, and hosting plans) found on the source server. If the connection fails, double-check the source server information, make sure that the connection is not blocked by firewall, and try again.
Note that from this point onwards, you can leave the Migrator interface without losing your progress – the migration will remain in progress until you finish it explicitly. To continue from where you left off, click Server Management > Extensions > Plesk Migrator and then click the corresponding migration in the list.

5. You now find yourself on the Add subscriptions tab.

6. Select what types of content (mail content, web content, and databases) will be migrated.

7. Select a custom subscription owner. By default, whenever a subscription owned by a customer or reseller is migrated, the corresponding customer or reseller account is created on the destination server as well. If you select a different subscription owner, the ownership of all subscriptions being migrated will be assigned to that account.
8. To change the migration settings, click Settings in the upper-right corner.

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