cPanel Vs Plesk panel (Linux)

Now a days there are various new panel introduced into market using which you can manage your web server. There are number of them ranging from cPanel to centos web panel. There are number of panels which are free to use, but some of them seems to be complicated for generalised use.


I have been using cPanel for quite long time. The price of license for cPanel is bit high and it seems to be really worth. The support provided by cPanel support team is really fantastic. Many of VPS provided by My VPS Host does use cPanel to manage the sites. Recently one of my client demanded Plesk panel for its VPS, and on that day I tried to explore the possibility to use Plesk panel for management of the web server.


Now, Plesk panel. I only knew that Plesk panel is used to manage windows server, but now because of that client, I have tried to install it on centos linux and I must say it is working like a charm. This is my first time ever experience working on the Plesk, but I must say it is good to work on it. The price provided by Plesk panel is also good. Their plans are quite simple, just need to pay as per your usage.


Here I am only sharing my experience working on both panels. There can be no comparison of panels as such, but I really like working on Plesk (may be I was bored using cPanel).

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