How to migrate wordpress Website

How to migrate wordpress website from one cpanel server to another cpanel server
Now a days it is pretty easy to migrate one account from a server to another. There are different ways to migrate website from one server to another server using cpanel.
1. Login to cpanel using credential given by your hosting provider.
2. Go to Backup Wizard

3. Get backup of your website.
4. This will backup data of your complete website along with your database, files, and emails.
5. Once you are done with it download it to your local computer. Please note that the backup is loaded outside of your public_html folder.

6. For restoring website, you will just need to login to the new cpanel and follow below steps
7. Search for Backup section.

8. There is option to restore complete backup. Hit restore and then upload your backup file which you have downloaded to your local computer.

That’s it!!

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How to migrate wordpress Website
How to migrate wordpress Website
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