Migration of easyApache 3 to easyApache 4

In cPanel & WHM version 60 and higher, the script performs a check to confirm that the system configuration will properly migrate.

When the migration script run, it checks to ensure the availability of your system’s current version of PHP. If EasyApache 4 does not support the system’s current PHP version, the script shows a warning and ask you to confirm that you want to continue the migration or not.

Remember: If your system uses a version of PHP that EasyApache 4 does not support, websites that depend on that version of PHP may no longer function good.

The script attempts to convert the currently installed EasyApache 3 profile, locate at /var/cpanel/easy/apache/profile/_main.yaml, into an EasyApache 4 profile. It copies the profile to the following location:


If the profile converts successfully, the system installs the converted EasyApache 3 profile. If it does not convert successfully, the system installs the cPanel Default profile, located in the /etc/cpanel/ea4/profiles/cpanel/default.json file.

RPM changes
The script automatically removes the following RPMs from your system, if they exist:
The script installs the following required EasyApache 4 RPMs:

The script attempts to match your EasyApache 3 modules to the EasyApache 4 RPMs. If the new script cannot match a module with an RPM, the script pauses and ask you to either continue or abort the conversion. Some modules are not compatible with EasyApache 4.
Apache changes

EasyApache 4 only supports Apache 2.4. Any profile that contains an older version of Apache will require an upgraded version of Apache.
The script backs up your /usr/local/apache directory to the /usr/local/apache.ea3 directory.

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