I am here to discuss the difference between SSD server over HDD server. I have found that these days everyone needs best performance server for their business. I am interested in discussing this issue on a small scale, lets start with SSD VPS.

SSD means solid state hard drive. Here the drive does not have a disk it can be better describe as a microchip on which all the information is stored. The plus point of having this kind of drive is its speed. These kind of disk are relatively faster as it does not have spinning disk in it or any movable part which will degrade the performance of the server. The performance of the SSD is really good and require less labour to gather information.

HDD means Hard Disk Drives. These drives are used in number of sever due to their reliability. These disk have spinning drive in it where the information stored is on disk and by the means of mechanical arm with a read/write head to move around and read information from the right location on a storage pattern. These kind of disk are used on large scan by hosting providers due to their availability and rates. The server with HDD disk does provide speed in comparison with SSD server.

From above this one can conclude its requirement regarding having SSD server or HDD server hard disk. Both disk give awesome result, but still as technology invents more things people would like to grow with technology and hence these seems to be most votes for SSD server.

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