Understanding Exim Errors Messages in Cpanel server

Exim Errors Messages in Cpanel server:

Reading and understanding the exim mainlog can be difficult in the situation that these logs are with so much information being logged. The main log records the arrival of each message and each delivery in a single line for each case. Let’s take some time and have a look at some examples of a few entries in an exim_mainlog;
The important thing is how to read the message, means where to start reading the message?
Exim’s main log is read from the left to the right.

The first thing when looking at a log is to determined what actually has happened to it. So in order to get that you will have to break down the entries you can see in the log file. Following are some indication along with their meaning.

<= Shows the arrival of a message for (incoming mail).
=> Shows a normal message delivery for outgoing mail.
-> This sign shows additional address for the same delivery, it is known as email has been forwarded.
>> cut through is a router precondition This option requests delivery be attempted while the item is being received. It is usable in the RCPT ACL and valid only for single-recipient mails forwarded from one SMTP connection to another. If a recipient-verify callout connection is requested in the same ACL it is held open and used for the data, otherwise one is made after the ACL completes.
*> delivery suppressed by -N
** delivery failed; address bounced. The reason for this error is that email address to which the email was sent does not exists.
== delivery deferred; temporary problem.
<> For “<>” from the Exim manual; Additionally, you will often find A bounce message is shown with the sender address “<>”, and if it is locally generated, this is followed by an item of the form R=<message id>


Let’s hope this post actually would help you to understand the logs generated in the email maillog file which will help you to find the perfect resolution of your issue with ease.