What Hosting control Panel is?

Best hosting panel selection

A hosting control panel is a tool or you can say is a system using which you can manage all aspects of your web hosting services. It also allows you to manage complicated system admin tasks in just a few clicks. It is the GUI interface which allows your server management.

You can do almost all the task ranging from setting up your domain to set up an email address and also migration of account. Previously, all these processes do need deep knowledge of back-end, but now because of cpanel it is much easier and can be done in minutes.

There are various panels you can use to carry out these tasks, but widely used are just 2 Cpanel and Plesk.

Below are some points which you need to consider going getting any one of them.


  • Easily Manageable Interface.

  • Support Forum.

  • Features in Panel.

  • Security and Updates.

Easily manageable interface:

The simple and user-friendly interface should be there in order to manage the server with ease. Try to understand the settings and its simplicity to handle your server. You should also consider your technical know-how level to get adjusted to using the panel. So in all, you can say that the panel should be clean enough that even a layman can use it.

Support forum:

You should take into account how is the support provided. If your provider can be contacted in any kind of emergencies or not. Most of the panel provides complete support, but some providers restrict their support to a certain extent and may ask you to contact your hosting provider. So in all, the support should be good enough to help you in your needs of emergencies.


The various panel provides a number of features along with their installation ranging from website designing tool to manage your SEO. So while installing any panel you should take into account such extra features provided by the panel provider. You can bargain with some, which others would not like to bother.


One of the most important factors in today’s internet world is security. So try to choose a panel which provides an advanced layer of security to your data. Many of them are secure, but again make sure that security does not interrupt our work. So, go for the panel which is secured and manageable.

Here I tried to figure out just basic points you need to take into an account before going to any panel for management of your hosting environment.