What is DDoS?

What is DDoS attack?

DDoS is defined as distributed denial of service. This is a type of cyberattack in which there is a high volume of traffic is routed to the website making it slow. This means that if your site will open slow it will eventually affect your website market as it will not work smoothly as it should be. This might lead to take a website offline or make it so slow that visitors stop trying to use it.

This kind of attacks accomplishing this by overwhelming the website with malicious traffic. The malicious traffic comes from what’s called a botnet. This is a network of devices that attackers have infected with malware to control the device remotely. Therefore, causing a webpage to slow down, making it difficult to upload.

DDoS attacks are tremendously effective at doing damage to a website or business. Even if an attack is not powerful enough to damage hardware or software, a successful DDoS attack causes frustration in users leading them going away from the website and hence might decrease the revenue and the importance of a website. Because of this frustration, a lot of users can drop one webpage for another one.