What is Dedicated SEO Server

Big internet evolution and in that there is a big change in the search engine optimization involves creating an online marketing campaign. Nowadays SEO server has come into existence. In these SEO servers, there are stretches of multiple websites, IPs, domain names, Class Cs, and DNS. There is a simple question, the reason and need for SEO server? Google and other search engine award a higher ranking to a site that has links pointing on it from related sites located on unique Class-C IPs. So, in all owning multiple IPs for several sites lets website owners create links between their own sites without the search engines finding out.

The advantage of My VPS Host dedicated SEO server.

1. Mutiple 100+ Different Class C IPs on One Dedicated Server
My VPS Host offers the Best-quality multiple IP dedicated server used for SEO services, using the industry’s largest network of unique, geographically distributed IP addresses.

2. All Class C IP’s are Dedicated
A wide range of Dedicated IP addresses on Dedicated Server. Each unique Class C IP address you lease is yours and yours alone. We provide best SEO Dedicated Server for your optimization efforts

3. Multiple Geo Locations IPs
Search engines are geographically specific. In most cases you will need a different strategy for each country. Diverse geolocation close to your end users, it is the most advanced choose for SEO.

Dedicated server USA, Dedicated server India, Dedicated server UK.

Features of My VPS Host Dedicated SEO Servers
Full root access, highly customizable; No resource restrictions; Linux server or Windows server with the best control panel you like; With Softaculous or other Continuous Integration you can install WordPress and more server software as easy as click, done. It make your SEO Dedicated servers more availability and reliability.